Connect DCM to Puppet

Before connecting Dell Cloud Manager to Puppet, you will need to setup a DCM Puppet Proxy on your Puppet master server. Refer to the Dell Cloud Manager Administrator’s Guide section on DCM Puppet Proxy.

Connect DCM to Puppet

Navigate to “Administration” -> “Configuration Management Accounts”, and click the link “Add A New Configuration Management Account”


Select “Puppet” from the “Configuration Management System” drop-down menu and fill in the fields as described.

  • System - select PUPPET
  • Name - specify the desired name of the Puppet account in Dell Cloud Manager.
  • Description - specify a desired description for this Puppet account
  • User Group - Dell Cloud Manager user group which will own this Puppet account (optional).
  • Puppet Master URL - The address, including protocol and port to Puppet Proxy.
  • Puppet Master Shared Certificate - The certificate generated during the DCM Puppet Proxy installation.
  • Puppet Master Agent Secret - Puppet Proxy shared key.


The Puppet Master URL field is the ip or hostname and port that was configured for the Puppet Proxy to listen on and NOT the port Puppet clients communicate to the Puppet master over.

Click Create Account

Once you’ve registered your account with Dell Cloud Manager, a background thread will undertake the task of enumerating the following information from your Puppet server:

  • groups
  • classes