Launch the stack

You are now ready to launch the OpenLDAP stack from the blueprint.

Deploy New Stack

To launch the OpenLDAP stack from the Dell Cloud Manager console, click on the Stacks menu then click on the Deploy New Stack button.



Locate the OpenLDAP blueprint and click on the Launch button.


Next specify the inputs:

  • Specify a name for the stack.
  • Specify a description (optional).
  • Select a User Group (optional).
  • Select a Budget.
  • Select the Cloud.
  • Select the Region.
  • Select the product size.
  • Click on the Launch button.

Confirm Launch

Confirm the stack launch by clicking on the Proceed With Launch button.


Wait for Launch completion

Wait for the stack to go to the running state (it may take several minutes) and view details on the launched server. Click on the phpLDAPadmin Web URL.


Login to the phpLDAPadmin Web Console

Click on the login link on the left side of the page, then enter the phpLDAPadmin user id and password, and click on the Authenticate button.


phpLDAPadmin Web Console

The phpLDAPadmin home page displays in your web browser.