Launch the stack

You are now ready to launch the Apache stack from the blueprint.

Deploy New Stack

To launch the Apache stack from the Dell Cloud Manager console, click on the Stacks menu then click on the Deploy New Stack button.



Locate the Apache blueprint and click on the Launch button.


Next specify the inputs:

  • Specify a name for the stack.
  • Specify a description (optional).
  • Select a User Group (optional).
  • Select a Budget.
  • Select the Cloud.
  • Select the Region.
  • Select the product size.
  • Click on the Launch button.

Confirm Launch

Confirm the stack launch by clicking on the Proceed With Launch button.


Wait for Launch completion

Wait for the stack to go to the running state (it may take several minutes) and view details on the launched server. Copy the IP address of the server.


Test auto scaling

To test the auto scaling policy, you can trigger auto scaling by running a command on the Apache web server linux host that loops and consumes the CPU usage. In order to do that you will need to add a firewall rule to open the ssh port 22. You will also need to create a linux account on the launched linux server.

I logged into the linux server running the Apache web server with the following command:

ssh p010@

After logging into the linux server I issued the following command to trigger high CPU usage:

perl -e 'while (--$ARGV[0] and fork) {}; while () {}' 20 &

That command creates 20 linux processes that loop forever. It will take approximately 10 minutes for Dell Cloud Manager to perform the scale up.


Scale Up occurred

Dell Cloud Manager scaled up 2 additional Apache Web servers.