Create the blueprintΒΆ


Creating blueprints in a public or private catalog requires the authority to manage the catalog. Refer to the Catalogs section in this document for more information.


This tutorial uses the Blueprint tools command create-blueprint to create the blueprint. You can also create blueprints from the Dell Cloud Manager console. Refer to Creating Blueprints - Console for more details.

The next step is to create a blueprint in Dell Cloud Manager from the template. Execute the create-blueprint command and specify the name of the template file, the imports base_types.yaml file and the imagefile dcm_sample_iis_icon.png.

You can download the dcm_sample_iis_icon.png file here -> dcm_sample_iis_icon.png.

Refer to the create-blueprint command section in this document for reference.

(venv)$ create-blueprint windows_iis_stack_with_chef.yaml --imports base_types.yaml --imagefile dcm_sample_iis_icon.png
Loading API environment
  API access validated
  API access key type is User, userId: 10
Found Customer catalog, id= 10
Defaulting to Customer catalog, id: 10
  Including import: "base_types.yaml"
  Including image file: "dcm_sample_iis_icon.png"
Adding to catalog 10: Microsoft IIS Two Server Stack using Chef
  Added 'Microsoft IIS Two Server Stack using Chef' id: 46