The Uri output type allows you to define read-only web uniform resource identifier fields that will appear on the Dell Cloud Manager console Stack Overview page which can be used to display Web URLs to the Dell Cloud Manager console end user.

A common usage of the Uri output type is to display the Web link for the application or load balancer in the stack. The web link can then be clicked on to bring up the application web page.

A Uri output is defined with a section name, type, description (optional), value and properties.

section name

Example: link:


outputs:                                                        # Define outputs
  application_group:                                            # Create a Group
    type: dcm.outputs.DisplayGroup                              # It's a displayGroup
      displayName: "Apache Web Server Information"              # Set the display name for the group containing the outputs which appears on the Stack Overview page

  link:                                                         # Define another output
    type: dcm.outputs.Uri                                       # It's a URI output
    value: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx/index.html                      # Set the initial value
      host: {get_attribute: [vm, publicIpAddress]}              # Set the hostname/ipaddress of the URI to the public IP address of the server running in the stack
      displayName: Apache Server URL                            # Set the display name (label) for the URI output
      displayGroup: application_group                           # Place this output in the displayGroup named gapplication_group


In the above example, get_attribute: is an internal function that retrieves a attribute from a node. For instance host: {get_attribute: [vm, publicIpAddress]} retrieves the public IP address of the server. To retrieve the hostname/ip address of a load balancer substitute the attribute publicIpAddress with address: host: {get_attribute: [lb, address]}. Refer to Internal functions for more details.

Uri displayed


Application web page