Groups are used to “group” nodes together. They allow you to define properties or policies (auto scaling and auto healing) to nodes such as servers at a “group” level.

Groups are defined with a section name, a members: statement and properties.

section name

Example: server_group_1:


The members: statement specifies the names (labels) of the nodes which are to be included in the group.


  server_group_1:           # The group name is server_group_1
    members: [vm1, vm2]     # The node_templates defined in this blueprint with the statement names "vm1" and "vm2" are members of this group
                            # in this group and will inherit the properties and policies defined in this group.
        instances: 2


Make sure that the groups: statement is indented inside the topology_template: statement!

There are also input display groups and output display groups which can be used to group and display related inputs and outputs on the Dell Cloud Manager console.