Templates Overview

Templates are defined in yaml files and coded in the TOSCA language specification. They are then loaded into a catalog where they become blueprints. The blueprints can be displayed and launched from the Dell Cloud Manager console, as well as from Dell Cloud Manager commands, and the Dell Cloud Manager API.

A blueprint can be created from multiple template files each providing definitions that when put together make up the final blueprint. Additional files are imported into the main template file. Although it is not required to break the blueprint definition into multiple template files, it does improve readability and it enables reusing common definitions.


The TOSCA language specification consists of these definition types:

  • Artifacts
  • Artifacts define archives of scripts to be copied to the nodes and executed.
  • Groups
  • Groups are used to “group” nodes together. They allow policies to be applied to the nodes at the group level.
  • Inputs
  • Inputs define parameters that are required to launch a stack from a blueprint. They appear on the Launch screen and allow the user to specify values which are then used in launching the stack.
  • Nodes
  • Nodes define the actual components (infrastructure and software) that are required to deploy a stack.
  • Outputs
  • Outputs define results that are retrieved from the launched stack and can be then displayed on the Dell Cloud Manager console.
  • Relationships
  • Relationships define logical connections between nodes.


The Dell Cloud Manager agent must be installed and running on the servers in the stacks.

If the cloud provider supports passing user data scripts to the launched server to be run during system boot, and the machine image used to launch the server has been configured to accept and run scripts, then you can install the Dell Cloud Manager agent on the servers in the stack using the blueprint template startupScript statement or the ServerWithAgent server type. If not, you will need to pre-install the Dell Cloud Manager agents on machine images and specify those machine images in your blueprint templates.

Refer to the Support Matrix in this document for reference.