System level API keyΒΆ

It is recommended that you manage the public and company catalogs using a user level API key and associated permissions.

You can also manage the catalogs using a system level API key. A System level API key is not associated with a DCM user.

If you choose to use a system level API key instead of a user level API key, run the following command on the Dell Cloud Manager server to create a system level API key:

/services/backend/sbin/ -o ./master-apikey.json
Master ApiKey creation output path: ./master-apikey.json

Display the system level API key values (accessKey and secretKey) from the master-apikey.json file

cat master-apikey.json
{"userId":-1,"customerId":100,"userContextSet":false,"apiKeyDescription":{"accessKey":"LHMJHDHABGVEMJIAWAHB","activationTimestamp":1433437040291,"customerBillingId":100,"customer":100,"description":"MasterApiKey description","expirationTimestamp":-1,"name":"MasterApiKey","person":-1,"personAlphaName":"","personEmail":"","cloudAccountId":-1,"user":-1,"secretKey":"VFk1DTuxo=3U5L2DR1jm12ZJ=J4S1c67VIHQPl6o","apiKeyType":"SYSTEM"}}

You will need to change the two DCM API environment variables below. They were previously set to your user API key values when you installed the Dell Cloud Manager Blueprint Tools. You need to change them to the system level API key values from the master-apikey.json file accessKey and secretKey values.

export ES_ACCESS_KEY="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
export ES_SECRET_KEY="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Display them to verify they are set to the values from the master-apikey.json file.

env | grep "^ES_.*KEY"

Test the API by executing the testenv command that was installed as part of the Dell Cloud Manager Blueprint Tools.

Blueprint Tools version: 11.18.0
  Testing environment variables
Loading API environment
  API access validated
  API access key type is System