The update-public-catalog command allows you to update the optional attributes associated with the public catalog:

  • Display Name (--displayname)
  • Description (--description)
  • Owner Name (--ownername)
  • Owner Email (--owneremail)


update-public-catalog -h
usage: update-public-catalog [-h] [--displayname DISPLAYNAME]
                             [--description DESCRIPTION]
                             [--ownername OWNERNAME] [--owneremail OWNEREMAIL]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --displayname DISPLAYNAME
                        Catalog display name
  --description DESCRIPTION
                        Catalog description text for the catalog.
  --ownername OWNERNAME
                        Owner name of catalog
  --owneremail OWNEREMAIL
                        Owner Email address of catalog.


  update-public-catalog --displayname "ACME Corp Public Catalog" --description "ACME Corp Catalog for public blueprints" --ownername "Gary Forghetti" --owneremail gary.forghetti@acme.com

.. code-block:: text

  Loading API environment
    API access validated
    API access key type is User, userId: 10
    Found public catalog, id= 10
  Catalog updated
     Display name:  ACME Corp Public Catalog
     Description :  ACME Corp Catalog for public blueprints
     Owner Name  :  Gary Forghetti
     Owner Email :  gary.forghetti@acme.com