The update-blueprint command updates an existing blueprint in a catalog. What catalog the blueprint exists in is determined by one of the options in the order below:

  1. By specifying the --publicCatalog command argument.
  2. By specifying the desired company catalog with the command argument --catalogid
  3. Otherwise the company catalog associated with the customer of the user running the command is used.

The blueprint becomes the active blueprint version. You can also change the version number of a blueprint.

See also

For more details on the maintaining and managing different versions of a blueprint in Dell Cloud Manager refer to the Managing Blueprint Versions section in this document.


update-blueprint -h
usage: update-blueprint [-h] [--imports IMPORTS] [--imagefile IMAGEFILE]
                        [--groupids GROUPIDS] [--catalogid CATALOGID]
                        blueprintid templatefile

positional arguments:
  blueprintid           Blueprint ID
  templatefile          Main blueprint template file. Note this file has the
                        "template_name" definition

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --imports IMPORTS     Delimited list of import files referenced by template
  --imagefile IMAGEFILE
                        Icon image to associate template with
  --groupids GROUPIDS   Optional list of groupIds to associate blueprint with
  --catalogid CATALOGID
                        Optional catalogId to update blueprint for, defaults
                        to company catalog
  --publicCatalog       Use public catalog


update-blueprint --imports base_types.yaml --imagefile acme_logo.png 14 apache_web_server.yaml
Loading API environment
  API access validated
  API access key type is User, userId: 10
  Found public catalog, id= 10
  Found Customer catalog, id= 11
Defaulting to Customer catalog, id: 11
  Including import: "base_types.yaml"
  Including image file: "acme_logo.png"
Updated id: 14 name='GAF-Chef-Apache'