The launch-stack command can be used to launch a stack from a blueprint.


launch-stack -h
usage: launch-stack [-h] [--catalogid CATALOGID] [--description DESCRIPTION]
                    [--accountid ACCOUNTID] [--budgetid BUDGETID]
                    [--groupid GROUPID] [--inputpath INPUTPATH]
                    blueprintid name

positional arguments:
  blueprintid           Blueprint ID
  name                  Name of launch

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --catalogid CATALOGID
                        Optional catalogId of the blueprint to use, defaults
                        to company catalog
  --description DESCRIPTION
                        Description of launch
  --accountid ACCOUNTID
                        Cloud Account ID, defaults to account in ApiKey also
                        not necessary if account is specified in inputs file
  --budgetid BUDGETID   Budget ID, defaults to default budget
  --groupid GROUPID     Group ID
  --inputpath INPUTPATH
                        Blueprint required inputs File in json format
  --publicCatalog       Use public catalog


launch-stack --inputpath chef_apache_inputs.json 90 "acme-apache"
Loading API environment
  API access validated
  Found public catalog, id= 15
  Found Company catalog, id= 10
  Default Account found, id= 1 , name= Amazon Web Services
Defaulting to Company catalog, id: 10
Started Stack launch, jobId '239'


Refer to the section in this document on Launching stacks from a command for a more indepth example.