The get-stack command displays detailed information on a stack in json format. The get-stack command requires the Stack ID to be specified.


get-stack -h
usage: get-stack [-h] [--depth DEPTH] stackid

positional arguments:
  stackid        Stack ID

optional arguments:
  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  --depth DEPTH  depth of objects to print, default=3


The get-stack command has a --depth parameter which determines how much detail gets displayed. You specify the --depth parameter with a number in the range from 1 to 10 (1 = minimum detail, 10 = maximum detail). The default is 3.


get-stack 17 --depth 1
Loading API environment
  API access validated
  API access key type is User, userId: 10
  Found public catalog, id= 10
  Found Customer catalog, id= 11

 Stack: gaf-joomla-stack

{   'actions': {...},
    'blueprint': {...},
    'budget': {...},
    'catalog_id': None,
    'created_date_time': '2015-06-09T19:29:10.866+0000',
    'description': None,
    'enstratus_customer_id': 200,
    'estimated_cost': 200,
    'group': None,
    'inputs': None,
    'job_id': 214,
    'name': 'gaf-joomla-stack',
    'output_display_groups': [...],
    'outputs': [...],
    'owner_id': 10,
    'path': 'automation/Stack/17',
    'policy_groups': [...],
    'request_details': 'basic',
    'stack_id': 17,
    'stack_resources': [...],
    'state': 'LAUNCHING',
    'user': {...}}