Creating the public catalog


Creating the public catalog is done using Dell Cloud Manager commands. These commands need to be installed and setup. Refer to the Prerequisites section in this document for instructions on how to install and setup these commands if you have not done so already.

To create a public catalog follow the steps below.

Grant public catalog admin authority

In order for a Dell Cloud Manager to be able to manage the public catalog, they must be granted manage public catalog admin authority. This authority gives the Dell Cloud Manager user the ability to:

  • Create the public catalog.
  • Update the public catalog optional associated attributes.
  • Delete the public catalog.
  • Create blueprints in the public catalog.
  • Update blueprints in the public catalog.
  • Delete blueprints in the public catalog.

The following command must be issued on the Dell Cloud Manager server to grant manage public catalog admin authority to a DCM user. Substitute with the userid/email address of the user to grant manage public catalog admin authority to.

/services/backend/sbin/ add -e
 Running Command              : ADD
 Dry-run                      : false
 Verbose                      : false
 adminEmailList     :
 cloudAccountId           : null



There may be a slight delay before the manage public catalog admin authority takes affect.

Create the public catalog

To create the public catalog you execute the create-public-catalog command that was installed as part of the Dell Cloud Manager command line tools. In the example below the arguments --displayname, --description, --ownername and --owneremail are optional.

create-public-catalog --displayname "ACME Public Catalog" --description "ACME Catalog for public blueprints" --ownername "Gary Forghetti" --owneremail
Loading API environment
  API access validated
  API access key type is User, userId: 10
Public catalog created, id: 10
   Display name:  ACME Public Catalog
   Description :  ACME Catalog for public blueprints
   Owner Name  :  Gary Forghetti
   Owner Email :

See also

For more details on the create-public-catalog command refer to the create-public-catalog command reference page in this document.