Merge/Separate the Catalogs

By default the the blueprints from the public catalog and company catalog are merged together and displayed under the “Catalog” menu item on the Dell Cloud Manager console.


In the examples below the Joomla Two Server blueprint was created in the public catalog and the GAF-Chef-Apache blueprint was created in the company catalog.

Merged Blueprints


Separated Blueprints

If desired you can display the blueprints under their separate catalogs (public and company).

To configure Dell Cloud Manager to separate the public catalog blueprints from the company catalog blueprints:

  1. Edit the configuration file /var/lib/dmcm/etc/dcm-config-local.yaml and add the following statements:

    catalog.mergePublicCatalog: false
  1. Restart the dispatcher service.
service dmcm-dispatcher restart


The default for the catalog.mergePublicCatalog: configuration parameter is true.

Public Catalog Blueprints

The first catalog is the public catalog.


Company Catalog Blueprints

The second catalog is the company catalog.