Updating a company catalogΒΆ


Updating a company catalog requires manage company catalog admin authority. Refer to Catalogs for more details.

The update-company-catalog command allows you to update the optional attributes associated with the company catalog:

  • Display Name (--displayname)
  • Description (--description)
  • Owner Name (--ownername)
  • Owner Email (--owneremail)
update-company-catalog --displayname "ACME Company Catalog" --description "ACME Company Catalog for it's blueprints" --ownername "Gary Forghetti" --owneremail "gary.forghetti@acme.com"
Loading API environment
  API access validated
  API access key type is User, userId: 10
  Found public catalog, id= 10
  Found Company catalog, id= 11
Defaulting to Company catalog, id: 11
Catalog updated
   Display name:  ACME Company Catalog
   Description :  ACME Company Catalog for it's blueprints
   Owner Name  :  Gary Forghetti
   Owner Email :  gary.forghetti@acme.com

See also

For more details on the update-company-catalog command refer to the update-company-catalog command reference page in this document.