update-blueprint command

To update an existing blueprint execute the update-blueprint command and pass it the following arguments:

  • --publicCatalog
The --publicCatalog argument is used to specify that the blueprint is to be updated is in the public catalog. The --publicCatalog argument is optional.
  • --catalogid catalog ID

    The --catalogid argument is used to specify the internal ID of the catalog where the blueprint to be updated exists. The --catalogid argument is optional.


The --publicCatalog command argument and the --catalogid command argument are mutually exclusive. If neither are specified then the catalog associated with the company of the user running the delete-blueprint command (determined by the User API key) will be used.

  • --imports base_types.yaml file

    This file contains the TOSCA Dell Cloud Manager node types, relationships, and capability types which are referenced in the template file.

  • --imagefile image file

    You can specify an image to be added to the blueprint and displayed along with the blueprint in the catalog. The --imageFile argument is optional.

  • blueprint ID

The internal ID of the blueprint. You can display the internal ID of a blueprint using the list-blueprints command.
  • main template file


You can perform a bulk update of multiple blueprints from a list specified in a json file. Refer to the bulk-update-blueprint command reference page in this document for more details.

See also

For more details on the update-blueprint command including additional options refer to the update-blueprint command reference page in this document.


update-blueprint --imports base_types.yaml --imagefile acme_logo.png 14 apache_web_server.yaml
Loading API environment
  API access validated
  API access key type is User, userId: 10
  Found public catalog, id= 10
  Found Customer catalog, id= 11
Defaulting to Customer catalog, id: 11
  Including import: "base_types.yaml"
  Including image file: "acme_logo.png"
Updated id: 14 name='GAF-Chef-Apache'