Managing Blueprint VersionsΒΆ

Each blueprint in a catalog must have a unique name (template_name). As an option you can maintain multiple versions of a blueprint (template_version) inside Dell Cloud Manager, however only one version of a blueprint can exist in a catalog (be active) and be available for non administrator users to launch stacks from.

The version specified on the template_version: statement in the blueprint is used to specify the blueprint version. The version format used is the MAVEN/TOSCA style version. For more details on the template version format refer to the template_version statement in this guide.

To create a new version of an existing blueprint you create a blueprint from a template which contains the same template_name value and a different template_version value.


Dell Cloud Manager stores all versions of a blueprint in it’s database. Only the active version of a blueprint is displayed in a catalog and is available for launching. If all versions of a blueprint are marked as inactive then that blueprint will not appear in a catalog and therefore cannot be launched.


Maintaining different versions of a blueprint inside Dell Cloud Manager is optional. You can maintain and update a single version of a blueprint in Dell Cloud Manager.

You can manage the blueprint versions using the Blueprint Tools commands or from the Dell Cloud Manager console.