Creating Blueprints - Console

The Dell Cloud Manager console allows you to create, modify and delete blueprints from the Manage Catalog page.

Create a Blueprint

To create a blueprint from the Dell Cloud Manager console Manage Catalog page, click on the Catalog menu and then click on the Manage Catalog tab.


If more than one catalog is available then select the desired catalog. The first catalog will be the public catalog, the second catalog will be the company catalog.

Click on the Add Blueprint button.


You can upload a custom image icon for the blueprint by clicking on the Upload Image button.


Locate and select the desired icon image and click on the Open button.

By default only the user that creates the blueprint from the console is allowed to access the blueprint.
You can click in the Blueprint Access window which will bring up a list of groups and select one or more groups to give access to the blueprint.
By default the base_types.yaml file is included.
Click on the Upload Files button to locate and select the template yaml file(s) for the blueprint.

Locate and select the desired template yaml file(s) to be used to create the blueprint (multiple files can be selected) and click on the Open button.


Click on the Create Blueprint button to create the blueprint.


The newly created blueprint is then displayed in the Manage Catalog page on the left side.

If you click on the blueprint, the blueprint version(s) appear on the right side of the page. Only one version of this blueprint exists since this was the first version created.

See also

You can create and manage multiple versions of a blueprint in Dell Cloud Manager. For more details refer to the Managing Blueprint Versions section in this document.